Quilt Stories/ Updates

Recent quilt drop-offs at the hospital 

February Drop off:

On our way to Winterlude we stopped by the Civic Hospital to drop off your beautiful quilts. Chloe had a bag full of just Valentines quilts and was sure to give those to the nurses so they knew to use them before Valentines! We donated over 50 quilts this month and had a great experience. Chloe told the nurses all about sewing quilts - and we even met a mom leaving the hospital with one of our quilts on her little baby all snuggled in the carseat. Thank you for your amazing donations!

December drop off:

The December delivery of baby quilts was especially moving - the families spending their first Christmas's with their new babies in this special place. Some of the festive baby quilts I am sure brought a holiday feeling to a hospital environment. The nurses hung some baby socks as stockings in the windows - so sweet! 

November drop off:

    Thimonth my daughter Chloe and I dropped off 28 of your baby quilts to the special care nursery. Our visit was extra special when a nurse told Chloe to peek through the window as a little baby had turned and we could see her little face from under her quilt. There was also some moms in the nursery feeding their babies, and they gave friendly waves to my curious five year old. Chloe got to see the big board full of pictures of babies wrapped in our quilts! 

We also received a lovely email from a mom named Sarah this month, she even sent us a picture that she gave me permission to share with you all at the meeting! He is a cutie, all wrapped up in his quilt. Sarah and her family have since come home from the hospital, with their quilt! Please come to the baby quilt table at the meeting to come see which quilt he received! 

October drop off:
    My family and I dropped off 29 wonderful quilts to the special care nursery on October 16th. While dropping off the little quilts we saw two tiny babies in the nursery, bundled in some quilts we dropped off last month! My daughter Chloe loved seeing how the quilts were keeping the babies warm, and they were wiggling little toes underneath. The nurses were very grateful and were excited about some sweet Halloween themed quilts. Thank you to everyone who sewed and stitched these quilts, please keep sewing! 

September drop off:
    My daughters and I dropped off the baby quilts and the kind nurses were so excited! They loved the quilts and my daughter learned a lot through this special experience. That evening, while chatting with some other moms, I learned that some friends online are the recipients of some of our quilts!

Here is a picture of this months special quilt drop off:


"Thank you's" we have received

On November 13th, 2015 we received this comment via email from a new mom:

"To the Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild,

When we brought our little (4 lbs 1 oz) guy home from the Civic Hospital's Special Care Nursery this week, we were surprised to find that we were allowed to bring his quilt home with us as well. We saw your Guild's name on the reverse, so wanted to be sure to thank you for helping to keep him warm during his time in the nursery. The quilt will not only continue to keep him warm through the winter, but will also be a wonderful keepsake for us and for him as he grows and as we're able to tell him the story of his first week of life.

Many thanks,
Sarah & Jeff Erochko, and baby Iain"

Sarah also sent us a special picture or baby Iain using his quilt, come to the baby quilts table at the meeting to see which lovely quilt he received! 

On September 30th 2015 we received this comment on Facebook from a mom who received a quilt for her baby last year:
""My babe sleeps with his quilt every night. I'm so thankful for ppl like you that 
take the time to make something special for a little one in a not so nice place. what you do truly was the only thing that brought me joy going into there with my son. You kept him cozy "