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"Fall" back to Baby Quilts - August 2016

With fall approaching I am greatly looking forward to seeing everyone again at the September meeting! I hope everyone had a lovely summer and I cannot wait to see what everyone has been stitching up. The last time I visited the hospital to drop off a large amount of your baby quilts they had actually run out! This means we are just meeting the demand these specials quilts have.  The baby quilts cover the incubators of babies who are born  prematurely and need to spend extra time in the hospital before they can go home. This year I think our goal should be to create a small surplus of quilts as to not run out! No baby should have to be without one of your special quilts, especially when we know how they greatly affect the families they go to. These quilts bring warmth and function, but  in my opinion, they most importantly send a message to these Ottawa families. They are stitched with such care that the families who receive them can feel their community behind them, supporting them in this most challenging time. I encourage everyone to make a baby quilt and make a difference in an Ottawa families life. Over the summer I have received emails from local families who received your quilts and I will be sharing those stories here on this page very shortly.  Scroll down this page to see the exact requirements to make your baby quilt! 

Message from the coordinator:

   Making a quilt is a great way to show compassion and kindness through fabric.  
Let us make quilts 
for the 
special care nursery at the Civic hospital for premature babies. I invite you to sew a baby quilt that will lay 
on top the incubators in the nursery, acting as a shield from the harsh lighting of the room. They also add brig
htness and cheerful colours to a hospital setting. These lovely quilts will then travel home with those babies. Our quilts show the families passing through the special care nursery that
 a community of people in Ottawa are thinking of them, helping how we can. Thank you to everyone who has participated, your quilts are very important to the special families who receive them.

Please click the Patterns Link for 

samples, ideas and free 

patterns to get you started, or just for 

some fun inspiration!

To Make a Baby Quilt!
The requirements are very simple for our baby quilts, making the process an easy one to participate in!

Baby Quilt Requirements:

Size: 24” x 24” (give or take an inch)

Top Fabric: 100% cotton in colours or prints suitable for babies (have some fun here!);

Back Fabric: 100% cotton flannelette;

NOTE: no polyester on the exterior as it can cause a static reaction;

Batting: any batting is acceptable;

Quilting: by hand or machine, but do not quilt too densely to keep the project light and flexible. Do NOT use invisible thread, it can loop and catch tiny fingers or toes;

Binding: Can be standard binding or envelope/pillowcase style;

Label: Attach a label displaying OVQG, or write OVQG directly on the backing fabric with a permanent fabric pen.

February 2016 - 

On our way to Winterlude we stopped by the Civic Hospital to drop off your beautiful quilts. Chloe had a bag full of just Valentines quilts and was sure to give those to the nurses so they knew to use them before Valentines! We donated over 50 quilts this month and had a great experience. Chloe told the nurses all about sewing quilts - and we even met a mom leaving the hospital with one of our quilts on her little baby all snuggled in the carseat. Thank you for your amazing donations!

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