Backing,Binding and Labels


It is suggested that the backing be made of flannelette. This makes the quilts soft and cozy for our special recipients. 


The preferred method of binding our quilts is using the envelope method. 
    1. Place your batting on the bottom (it should be a couple inches larger than your quilt and flannelette backing, all the way around)
    2. Place your flannelette backing, right side up, on top of the batting (it should also be larger than the quilt top)
    3. Place your quilt, wrong side up, on top of the batting.

    4. Pin all the layers together, sew around edge, leaving a space big enough to turn your quilt at the end (a few inches)
    5. Take your pins out, trim off the excess batting, and flip the quilt right side out. 
    6. Sew the opening you used to turn your quilt closed. Continue that stitch all the way around the quilt. 
    7. Quilt as desired! 

The other acceptable method is the traditional binding sewn on just as regular quilts.

Attach a label with "OVQG" on the back or write "OVQG" directly on the back of the quilt with a permanent fabric pen. Pre-made labels are available at the baby quilts table at the monthly meetings for your convenience.